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App Spree Levels

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Re: App Spree Levels

We are getting closer to truth!

2-3 cards is a Mini? Does that sound agreeable to everyone?

I guess I'm still alone in the fact that I get upset when people call a 4 or 5 app spree "mini". No one else has commented on that. I think I might start pointing it out to posters when I see it posted and just tell them "look, this spree looks well-planned and I'm really happy for your results, but nothing about this spree is mini. Other consumers and probably your creditors look at this and consider it abnormal"

I don't want to criticize anyone, I just want to point out that completing an app spree every year or two could lead to a very atypical credit card portfolio.

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Re: App Spree Levels

I always saw 2 apps as a mini spree, anything over 3 a full spree.

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Re: App Spree Levels

I just want to say, we have some really pointless threads on this forum.

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