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App Spree Success

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App Spree Success

Well my app spree can now come to an end until the holidays. I got approved for a Walmart Store Card at $500 a Firestone Card at $800 and reconned for a Chase Freedom for $1500. I will be kicking Tribute Mastercard and HSBC to the curb. My cards will then be:
Juniper Airtran A+ Visa $1750 One year Birthday in 2 weeks
Chase Freedom $1500
Cap One $600 will move to $1100 next statement
Walmart $500
Firestone $800
Once my BK comes of the reports in October I will try for an AMEX card and most likely shred the Airtran card but keep it open since there is no AF.
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Re: App Spree Success're laying the foundation for a good, strong recovery from BK.

Your score may start out low since your credit history will be short, but with all those accounts in good standing and the BK gone, it'll be all up from there.
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in a credit-scoring postnuclear Stone Age...
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