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Apping For Synchrony Cards

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Re: Apping For Synchrony Cards

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
This is great advice from Gmood. I dont make a ton of money so i make sure to try to only buy things i feel i can pay at end of month. This is good way to establish good credit habits and good payment history. This is my second chance at credit and im gonna work it for all its worthSmiley Happy

Me either my friend. No big bank Hank here.

This is probably my third chance. Yeah I was hard headed and short sighted on multiple occasions. Lol

Time heals and teaches us better ways eventually.


Impatience is one of the biggest killers of credit. Wanting items you can't afford now will get you in a hole quicker than anything I know of. If I can't afford it now. I save the money until I can. 0% deals are great! I use those to.. like my Blispay. 


Always plan an escape route ahead of time if/when life happens. That way you minimize the negative impacts on your credit. Run the scenarios through your head of events that could destroy what you've built. Brain storm countermeasures for each event. No one knows the future, so keep an open mind.


We all want to live happily ever after. In this world, that's a fairy tale.


My most prized tradeline.
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Re: Apping For Synchrony Cards

So true my friend. Hey, im not gonna lie, i like having my Sync cards. BUT, after realizing what MAY or CAN happen with Sync in regards to AA or getting blue envelopes, i figure to plan ahead and only put in my Sync cards what i know i can pay at end of month or to not let balance get too high so im prepared to cut bait and run if neededSmiley Wink. Where else you gonna get a huge cli at a moments notice haha, but like spiderman, with Great Credit comes Grest ResponsibiltySmiley Happy
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