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BOA question

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BOA question

What score do I need for an unsecured card with BOA?



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Re: BOA question

IME, BoA does not like BK, CA's (especially anything in the past several years, and other derogs. 


Score wise, they like a fairly prime score, but they also have internal criteria, thus certain derogs are deal breakers even with a high FICO.  Also high utilization, new inquiries, new accounts will make them tougher to get as well.



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Re: BOA question



BoA can be a tough nut to crack in so far as their criteria for unsecured credit cards. Score alone won't even begin to answer that question. One thing you could do, however, is get one of their CSRs in a chat window on their credit cards website and ask specific questions about your situation, and their lending criteria.  



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Re: BOA question

While things have changed a bit . Almost 2 years ago when i got my "your pre approved " mail from BOA . I had nothing but an orchard card that had been open for just 2 months . A Repo that was 6yrs old and one closed account that had been closed for 6 yrs also(closed by me)  Other than that i had NO other history on file . Starting CL was 1k. and (two CLI later) is now 3.5k . As always YMMV . But this is my experience with BOA .
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