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Balance Transfer Question

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Balance Transfer Question

Ok, this is probably my dumbest question to date but how does one go about doing a balance transfer please? Do I just pay off one card using another or is there an actual balance transfer process to follow? Can it be done online or do I need to call someone?  Sorry, never done this before and I'm feeling out of my depth with it!


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Re: Balance Transfer Question

Hi there, there is a particular simple process you would need to follow. Just call your new creditor and give them the account number, card issuer's name, and the amount in which you want transfered. What will happen is your new creditor will process your request and send your old creditor a check for the requested amount transfered (Takes usually about 4 weeks). You should see in your statements that the balance transfer was completed as well as the appropriate balance transfer interest rate being applied. Hope that helps!
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