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Bank Americard. Enrolling in online banking issues.

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Bank Americard. Enrolling in online banking issues.

According to the CSR I spoke to, I will have to wait until I get my first statement before I can enroll. Doesn't really make any sense to me. If I can phone in and access my account then it should "exist" enough to enroll.


When I try it simply says that "my information does not match their records" and inevitably locks me out.


Anyone else have experience with this or is this a common thing?


If in fact she knew what she was talking about, how am I going to be able to pay the balance down below 9% before the statement cuts ( apparently they report at the same time )?

Or should I just make sure I don't spend more than that, so when the balance reports ( presumably while I'm waiting for the statement to come in the mail) It will already be below 9% and I can then just PIF?


I was only going to put Scorewatch on it anyway and not use it otherwise so it would be below 9% regardless.


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Re: Bank Americard. Enrolling in online banking issues.

I wouldn't worry about it for a month honestly; FICO has no memory of prior balances and it's urban legend that other lenders will slash your established credit lines just because they see a one month balance on another credit card: that's what credit cards are designed for.  Where they tend to get edgy is they don't see anything they consider "progress" in repaying your accounts Smiley Happy.


Anyway if the card is your typical use card, just use it, let it close, get access to the admittedly excellent BOFA web interface, and go on with life.  I do think it's a little odd though you can't enroll online immediately, even before I had and could activate my card it was in the online interface; however, I've banked there for some stupid amount of time already and as a new customer it might be somewhat different but I can't see why.  I'm pretty certain I near immediately got access to my old checking account when I moved to Cali, opened the new account, and then signed up for online access.  Seems wierd but end of the day pretty unimportant.




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