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Barclays Upromise Changes

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Barclays Upromise Changes

Got an email today regarding Upromise MC changes coming soon.  They're making it even worse, as far as I'm concerned.  The way it currently works makes it good for low dollar purchases with low cent values- spend 2.05 and you'd get an extra 15% back on the .95 round up (around .14 extra cash back on top of 1.43%), for example.  If you make a lot of small purchases throughout the week or shoot for odd values at the pump, you could see some surpising cashback rates.  Now it straight up loses to 2% cards every time.


New cashback rate is 1.529 when account is linked.

What's changing on March 31, 2021:

EARN MORE! You’ll earn more cash back rewards on purchases when your Upromise Program account is linked to an eligible College Savings Plan.

You will no longer receive a 15% bonus on your total cash back rewards, including Round Up Amounts, when your Upromise Program account is linked to an eligible College Savings Plan.

What's staying the same:

You’ll continue to earn 1.25% cash back rewards if your Upromise Program account is not linked to an eligible College Savings Plan.1

You can still get cash back rewards with Upromise Round Up. Upromise Round Up lets you round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, based on the limit you set (from $1 to $500). The total Round Up amount is considered a purchase and converted to cash back rewards — a simple way to get more with every purchase. If you are already participating in Upromise Round Up, the limit you set will not change.1

You’ll continue to get great benefits with your Upromise Mastercard: There is no annual fee or foreign transaction fees.2 $0 Fraud Liability protection means you’re not responsible for charges you did not authorize. And you get free online access to your FICO® Credit Score.3 Continue using your card for everyday purchases and watch your college savings add up!

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Re: Barclays Upromise Changes

The Sir Barclay devaluers strike again, this is why I will never again do business with them, they do it to every card. I consider it bait and switch.
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Re: Barclays Upromise Changes

I realize it wasn't a great card to begin with, but I really got my hopes up when I saw the email and I'm going to miss the math puzzles at the register. 

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