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Best Buy fully under Capital One now?

Regular Contributor

Best Buy fully under Capital One now?

I have not had much luck with HSBC, maybe because a couple of my cards in bankruptcy in 2005 were connected to HSBC.

I do currently have 2 capital one cards at 1250 and 2000 credit lines.


Anyone know if Best Buy is fully under Capital One now or should I wait longer to apply? HSBC has turned me down in past for this card.


My current FICO are TransUnion 728, Equifax 692, Experian should be similar to TransUnion score, For some reason Equifax file is missing some of my credit lines.



Starting Scores(Jan/2011): EQ 564 TU 538 EXP 576
Current Score: EQ 692 TU 728 EXP 710 (Quizzle FAKO)Goal Score: 720

Wallet: Grow Visa 500, Capital One MC 2000, Capital One MC 1250, Paypal MC 3000, Jared 10500, Kay 2000, Walmart 2050, TJX Rewards 1200
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Re: Best Buy fully under Capital One now?

Yes, I had the HSBC best buy card and it changed over to Cap One last year. I don't think Cap One retained all of HSBC's records so I'd say you have a good shot.
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