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Re: BoA-Unsecured!!!!!

CanDoAttitude wrote:
Super Congrats stef!!!! Smiley Happy
Going from $2,000 secured to $5,000 unsecured
in the same day after just 9 short months is absolutely
phenomenal!! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Smiley Happy
This is just another in a long line of testimonials that
prove once again just how great BofA's secured card
program really is. Now the sky's the limit for you.
Additional credit cards, auto loan, mortgage, etc.
It's there waiting for you and all doors have been opened. Smiley Happy
Once again, Congratulations on the wonderful news! Smiley Very Happy
"The right attitude is everything"

Thanks again!!
I have cleaned up the baddies that were all over my reports when I first got this credit card. So things do look MUCH better.
Auto loan, have one but I actually got it for my brother. His credit is sooo bad due to BK and repo's and really bad divorce. He makes good money and I didn't mind helping him out. (He know's I will choke him if he doesn't pay on time!! And you thought the CA's were bad Smiley Tongue )
Mortgage is my goal when I'm not so worried about DH's job and upcoming deployment... I want to be certain things are steady. Patience....
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