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BoA "Add it up" - any good?

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BoA "Add it up" - any good?

This seems to be Bank of America's version of the obligatory CC online shopping mall.

I got a flier in the mail today, asking me to sign up for it. It's free, so the flier says. And cashback "up to 20%"

Has any of you ever used "Add it up" and was happy with the results (i.e. received increased cashback amounts) or is it just much ado about nothing? I am curious to hear about your experiences.



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Re: BoA "Add it up" - any good?

I've used it, and I've had credits (in my favor) of around $20 two months in a row.  Smiley Happy


Makes it easy to decide which card to use for online shopping at the holidays.

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Re: BoA "Add it up" - any good?

Good, then I'll sign up and check that site before I order anything online.

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