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BofA CC App...

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BofA CC App...

Since I have now had my Barclay card for over 6 months I decided to apply for a BofA CC. It said that they couldn't give me an instant decision so I called the backdoor number and answered some questions. They were most concerened over a First Premier account that I had paid off for less than the full amount. I had been in a dispute over it and didn't agree to a settlement until it hit collections.


After explaining the dispute to them they gave me an approval with a $2500 limit.

Current Score: FICO EQ670-TU680-EX700
Wallet: Cap One Rew. $3500, Cap One QS $2500, Barclay $2650, Old Navy Visa $3000, QS-2 $2500, Credit One $2500, BoA $7000, Chase Freedom $3000, Slate $3000, Wal-Mart Discover $3000-STORE CARDS: Amazon $3500, Lowes $2000, Kay's $7600
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Re: BofA CC App...

Hi What is the backdoor number? can you PM me the number? Thx

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