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CC Inquiries

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Re: CC Inquiries

nicemann wrote:

VEEnVEGAS wrote:

concorduser wrote:
Dont even start me with this question. During the high tide, I had 73 Inq's on EX. Now they are 71 as 2 fall off the CR last month. This month another 4 should drop off brining the count to 69 by next month.
Message Edited by concorduser on 03-12-2009 05:48 PM


Wow...this totally amazes me. Are there really that many cards to  apply for??

After my app spree the past 2 weeks...3 inquiries, 3 new cards, I was worried about the 4 inq. on my EX. LOL...Not anymore.


You don't remember when concord went crazy with all the INQs.... and the whole board had to talk him back in off the ledge???  Smiley Tongue


I blame the internet, before it came around everybody had to fill out those paper apps and mail them back in.....or had to call and talk to a live person.  Who has time for that.  Now adays you can apply in 30 secs and within about 5 seconds get the "you suck" response!  But now if you get one approved you start to go crazy and apping 5 or more that day, thinking maybe today is your lucky day.



You're right...the internet makes it amazingly easy to apply for new credit.  My two new inquiries on EX happened within a 10-15 timeframe last Friday night. Good news is  they netted me Citi Plat and US Bank cards. The week before my EQ inq. got me Discover More. I'm all done now!!!


BTW...only 3 on EX, not 4....2 on EQ...1 TU.  2 will be off in a couple of months. 


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