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CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

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CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

I applied for the chase freedom lil over a hour ago and got the need additional 7-10 message. I immediately called the back door number. Upon transfer to a verification rep. She asked me some questions about my identity and asked that I fax in proof of residence and a driver license for proof of date of birth due to the fraud alert on my credit report. She stated they had pulled transunion. I faxed them a copy of my driver license which has my date of birth and address on it in addition to a ss card and several other proof of residence docs.


Does this mean Im approved or what does this mean?


Please help. Im a nervous reck right now.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

I would imagine that if they're asking for verification it's good news. 

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

I really hope like heck it is

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

That's a good sign! Keep us posted.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

wow all that? i had a fraud alert and needed verification too but they didnt make me fax anything and i was approved for my cards right on the same call.


just for the record i was denied for freedom the first time in march after i passed verification. But again it was on that same phone call. SO i dont know what theyre waiting for.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

Yes i agree you will be fine. Thats good news!

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

thats' weird they asked for all that... usually they have an automated system that asks you questions that only you would really know.  what the dollar amount of your car loan per month is, what county of these you used to live in, etc.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

I sure hope so. I thought it was strange as well but complied as this is a must have cc for me.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

the norm is 3 questions for verification and you have to get them all right, if you get one out of the three wrong they will ask one more and you have to get it right.

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Re: CHASE FREEDOM?????????????

She asked me 3 questions. My age, address, and employer name. It was all mulitple choice questions. I clearly know the answer to those questions. What really concern me is only EQ has a fraud alert and TU and EX is fraud alert free. I know those to are fraud alert free because I had to remove it part of my address verification like 2 and half weeks ago for the amex green card I was finally approved for yesterday since it didnt listed a contact telephone number on my credit reports.

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