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CRA Phone & Fax Numbers

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CRA Phone & Fax Numbers

If you find a new number or find that a number on here is no longer working, please PM a current active moderator so the list can be kept as accurate and useful as possible. 






Last Updated 05/05/12


ARS/ICS: 800-392-8911 ~WNA888


EQ Business Line (Sales Dept.; has option for talking to someone about personal credit reports): 888-202-4025

EQ office in GA: 800-685-1111
EQ Dispute Fax #:  888-826-0573, 888-826-0549

EQ Business: 802-304-0364
EQ Business Disputes: 800-727-8495

EQ: 877-784-2528 - Dispute Department

EQ: 800-203-7843

CSC, EQ's Credit Reporting Outsource:




CSC Fax: 281-878-4999

EQ: 800-685-5000 - Phone number for Collection Agencies to call to instruct EQ on how to handle dispute (member here called Dispute Dept. and was told to have the CA call this #, claiming that would be the fastest way to connect the dots between the collection agency, EQ, and the member's credit report).


EX office in TX: 888-397-3742

EX Business:  888-211-0728 

EX: 800-493-1058 or 888-397-3742 (automated answer, but keep pressing "0" every time the recorded voice starts, and eventually you should get a live person)

EX Dispute Fax: 


TU office in PA: 800-888-4213
TU: 888-259-6845 (6am-12 pacific time)
TU: 800-916-8800 (consumer relations)

TU Dispute Fax: 610-546-4606, 610-546-4771, 888-462-8009

                           610-546-4657, usually goes through after 4:00pm PST or before 8:00 am EST - phairin

TU Fax:  714-525-0668, 610-546-4771




Automated Info/Dispute:  800-457-0247

Corporate Office:  614-223-0647

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02/12/09 EX: 701 / 02/08/10 EQ: 719 / 02/08/10 TU: 723

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Current updated fax numbers for CRA as of now 02/14/2019

Equifax - 888 826 0598

Experian - 714-830-2575  or  949-242-2938

Transunion - 855 237 2392


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Re: Current updated fax numbers for CRA as of now 02/14/2019

These are NOT working numbers for the bureaus!  one is a loan company and the other is the CFPB

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