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I applied for a CSP and Marriot Bonvoy March of 2021, was denied, but called for a reconsider and was approved with $8,800 limit on the CSP and $5000 on the Bonvoy. At the time, I had a CFU $1000 and CFF $500, each about 4 years old, and I couldn't get CLI on those during those previous four years, despite spotless payments, heavy use, and low UTL.


Despite heavy use over the year (at least $250,000 spend across all four) and receiving the intro bonuses on the new card, I didn't get a 6-month CLI on either the CSP or Bonvoy. However, this on the anniversary of the CFU, my CL doubled. Same with the CFF two months later.


I want to get both the CSP and Bonvoy over $10K, but I'm wondering I wait another 3 to 6 months for Chase's internal review (which might not happen) or do a manual review with the associated HP?


Any clarifying thoughts or advice would be appreciated.












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Re: CSP Auto CLI?

Congrats on your rebuilding and your approvals. I'd wait to see if Chase gives an auto-CLI within six months and if not then try with a HP. Best wishes on your future CLIs.

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