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Capital One Balance Transfer Question??? Help


Re: Capital One Balance Transfer Question??? Help

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I just found the answer- Yes I can do the Balance Transfer-


Hello all, I tried searching the forums but maybe I'm searching wrong. I have a question about a Capital One Balance Transfer. I currently have a joint account for a water service with my husband. My husband's name is the only name generated on the bill but the account is a joint account. I wanted to know can I still do a balance transfer on this account to the Capital One card? I called Capital one about the no hassle checks and they told me I don't have that option, I can only do the balance transfer online or through chat. I wanted to do it now because it's going to take some time and I want to make sure it's done before my bill is due. This account accrues interest daily too so can someone assist me with my question please??? 

Thanks in advance.

I don't think there would be a problem, Capital One would send them a check. But balance transfers can take up to 10 days.

That's fine my bills not due until next month. I already submitted the request it was approved. Now I'll just wait. Thanks everyone. I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome. That 18% interest is killing me ugh.

Glad to hear you got it resolved!


Just to clarify for anybody reading, Capital One does not care about the name on the account you're transferring a balance from - I've transferred balances from relatives more than once with Capital One (specifically) and there was no issue.  For what it's worth, there's nothing in the fine-print about this, either.


About the payment method, if it's a well-known/large creditor you're transferring a balance from they will usually send the funds by EFT, otherwise they send a physical check to the name and address you specify.  Obviously EFT is faster, but other than speed the delivery method is of no concern to us (i.e. they only send EFT to those entities where they already have it set up).


Regarding the type of account you're wanting to pay off, Capital One (and other lenders) generally 'advertise' balance transfers as being to pay off other credit cards, but in my experience they generally aren't too picky about where the money goes... as long as it's going to a "bona fide" company.  Things get murky (and YMMV) when people start pushing the envelope and attempt to use a BT to send funds to themselves or another individual (to bypass cash advance fees and higher APR) but if you're not doing this you should be fine.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Capital One Balance Transfer Question??? Help

Perfect UncleB! I was more worried about the statement saying just my husbands name but when I called the company they said my name is there too but the statement only generates one name.
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