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Capital One Credit Card


Re: Capital One Credit Card

I got a letter from them just after the first bill (original limit was $500) was sent. It said I was preappoved for $750 and after the third billing cycle I could expect to get the $250 increase as long as I used it at least once in the three months and didn't go overlimit or have any lates. Don't know if the $750 is going to be the upperlimit on the card but I hope not.



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Re: Capital One Credit Card

Congrats,  Capital one Credit card has a freezes on raising limits these days.  They told me that would not up my limit because there is a freezes. But I was welcome to apply for another credit card with them.  So I did. Crazy right?

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Re: Capital One Credit Card

I too have a card with cpital one...  The have not  increase not one time.  Its still at 500.00   6% until 2011.  I think because i don't use the card.  

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Re: Capital One Credit Card

i also have capital one credit card and i also start with 500 credit now is 1500.

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Re: Capital One Credit Card

I opened my card 1/25/10.  I too am on their "Credit Steps" program and was told my CL would be increased to $750 (from $500) on my 5th statement.


I called the back door number to ask what increases were expected and such and had a very helpful person tell me about the Credit Steps Program.  She stated that her system shows I have the $250 CLI on 5th statement and then another $500 CLI on my 7th statement.


I asked her if this would be the last of my increases and she said "No, after you complete these two increases you will get another letter in the mail re-enrolling you in the Credit Steps Program."  She said that's what the annual fee is for.


Not sure how much of this was actual truth...but that's what the CSR said.



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Re: Capital One Credit Card

is there an official letter stating that you are on the credit step program?

i didnt recieve one when i got my card, i did call in and ask the rep and was told that after my 5th billing cycle i would get an $250 and thats all i would get.

i am confused by this program.

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Re: Capital One Credit Card



Just got my "credit steps" CLI yesterday.  10 days after my 4th statement...  $250 CLI from $500, $new CL is $750. 


 My other Capital One card was credit steps as well, and it has stopped after 2 CLI's at $1000.


Thank heyzeus for NFCU, just got a $2500 CLI from them.  time to dump 1st Premier, Continental, and Credit 1 soon.  Nice knowing them though...



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Re: Capital One Credit Card



I was wondering what are the chances that I would get one of these credit step cards?  I was pre-approved for the No Hassle cash rewards with 0 apr until 2/11 and after 19.8 with $39 annul fee, and for the Cap One Classic Plat with 0 apr until feb 01 and 19.8 after $39 annual fee.


My TU score is 636 with two baddies one CA paid which will fall off 2/12 and an unpaid collection due to fall off 7/10; Eq and EX both reporting two paid collections, both falling off 2/12 (the unpaid is not reporting on EQ).  I do not currently have any cc's only a car loan not quite a year old for $17k owing $13K at the moment, never late. 


Any suggestions?  Should I wait a few months?  What are the chances of getting this card with a decent cl? 



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