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Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

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Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

Hey all, I've had the QS for a few months now, and decided I wanted a better looking card than the default. So I went onto CapOne's site and changed the image(I chose the dog with goggles, in case you're wondering Smiley Happy ). Anyways, I noticed that the card description in the account summary says "Platinum Mastercard". Unless I've completely lost my mind, I swear just a few days ago it said "Quicksilver Mastercard". Worried by this, I chatted with two different reps who really couldn't clear this up for me. So I am wondering: Did I somehow downgrade my card from Quicksilver to Platinum by putting an image on it? I know it sounds ridiculous, but maybe there was some fine print somewhere that I stubbornly decided not to read? Thanks for the help!

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Re: Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

You got me curious about this, so I went to my Cap1 account and realized I had never "upgraded" the name I assigned to my Quicksilver account. There's a menu item called "Account Nickname" that you can change to accurately reflect your card status.


I changed mine from "Quicksilver One MasterCard" to "Quicksilver World MasterCard" and the change took effect immediately.



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Re: Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

You didnt downgrade the cards reward system I too have QS but the personal image card says platinum I have a feeling all personal image cards will say the same thing even if they are siggys.

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Re: Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

You can have a platinum card with QS or QS1 benefits.


This happens if you started with platium and was upgraded.


If you applied for a card and got QS, it is still QS but wont say so on image card itself.


Image cards say Platinum unless they are higher status.


My Venture image card says "World" and not Platinum.


My QuickSilver Siggy Visa says "Signature" and not Platinum.


Make sense?


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Re: Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

I have the image, and it is a platinum. Not sure if that helps any.

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Re: Capital One Image Card, Downgrade?

Ditto all of the above. Smiley Wink
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