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Card Collection...

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Re: Card Collection...

Im progressing nicely but still have a long ways to go.  Here are the cards I have in order I got them and the cards I intend to app for between now and June.


1. Cap1 Secured

2. WF Secured

3. AMEX Zync

4. AMEX Delta Gold

5. Walmart Discover

6. Chase Amazon Visa

7. Chase Freedom


------on the radar for app spree ---


8. NFCU (probably in early Nov)


10. CSP

11. Citi Forward

12. AMEX BCP (maybe or maybe AMEX Gold/Plat charge card)

13. Discover card (maybe)


Cards 9-13 will be done after refi in June.  Im wondering if my scores will be high enough for CSP.   Guess I'll have to see where I stand at time of refi.  All my scores should be over 700 by then.

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 548 CK 607on 6/8/12, EX 542(AMEX pull 3/4/12)
Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
Goal Score: 750

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