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Card utilization question

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Card utilization question

All of my cards are paid off so technically I should have 0 utilization. But I accidentally overpaid my BB rewards mc by 136.00 so my last statement balance shows

-136.00. Will that help my score or have no affect at all? All I have to do now is get the state to properly report the tax liens and I should have everything in as good an order as I can get it.

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Re: Card utilization question

I overpay one of my cards that has a annual fee on it regularly and have overpaid several others occasionally, and it always reports as a $0 balance . So I would go with no, I wouldn't expect a change.

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Re: Card utilization question



It will show on your credit report as 0 balance.  At least mine always does.

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Re: Card utilization question

+1 again - Shows as $0, not a negative balance.

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Re: Card utilization question

Many will lose some points (not a lot of points) for having $0 balances reporting on all revolving accounts. FICO will give a you a negative comment of "no recent usage of your revolving credit lines" (or something like that). 

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