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Chase Bonvoy Premier?

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Chase Bonvoy Premier?

So cruising around Chase's website and I found this card, I haven't heard of it, it looks like what might be a na AF card. Is this a card that was such a short timer after the SPG merger? Can't seem to app for it it takes me to the Boundless. Anyone have one? The bold is simiar with no AF but only 3x on MB stays and the Boundless has 95$. If it's an old card, why still have it on their website I wonder.


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Re: Chase Bonvoy Premier?

Since you not allowed to apply for it, I'm surprised that you found it. But I do beleive it is the no AF version that people can "downgrade" to from an AF product.


Or it may be a new prodcut that's coming soon.

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Re: Chase Bonvoy Premier?

It's one of the transitional products for those that previously had the Chase Marriott card before the Premier Plus was introduced during the process.  IIRC the AF on this card is $85.  Just like their numerous no-longer-available-for-apps United cards, Chase has an enormous number of Marriott card possibilities, about a dozen total between business and personal cards, since they never seem to force product changes and keep product lines going.  Chase has many web pages for discontinued cards that are still serviced, and many of those cards are available for PC.  The $49 AF personal and business Marriott cards pre-SPG-merger were good examples of this for those that wanted PC options, yet nobody seemed to know they existed.

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