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Chase prequal question

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Chase prequal question


Gonna keep this brief as I could easily get carried away with this story


A year and a half ago, I apped for the Chase Amazon Visa and was denied. Only reason ( after recon ) was Prior Chargeoff with Chase. 

It was a WaMu card from 9 years ago. Blacklisted.

I cold apped for that card.


Fast forward to today, finally an account aged so I am now 4/24.  I jumped onto my Chase banking page and no green check marks Smiley Sad 

I went to their prequal search page and BAMM, preapproved for CFU and CSP.  I have NEVER gotten any preapprovals ever from this page before today.


I know that (a) people still get denied after applying even tho they were preapproved and (b) Chase will still pull you even though you are BLed.  My question is, on the prequal site, will Chase prequal you if you are on their BL or is it clear sailings for me now?


Thanks and Happy New Years

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Re: Chase prequal question

there is no crystal ball with this stuff, the only way to answer the question based on your profile is to pull the trigger.  if you have a branch close by I would step in and see if the pre-quals show there as well. I have apped with chase 100% in-branch, even with co-brands.  less risk for them, you are in front of a banker, he has verified your identity, the app is done on their intranet, the bankers initials the app, etc. you have solid scores and as long as you have the income as well I think you have a good shot.

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