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Chase question

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Re: Chase question

indiolatino61 wrote:

unc0mm0n1 wrote:

This forum has been great. Because of you guys I've opened up some great CCs. Anyway I was trying to pay it forward and was helping one of my Army friends apply for the Freedom card. It has been a real saga. because he had lived at his current address for only 6 months he had to provide verification. he sent in all of the information but  it wasn't good enough so he had to send in more. He called in to check the status and the automated line said under review 7-10 days thing, I told him to call the customer service line and she said he was rejected. After recon with lending they said they hadn't made decision and  he'd hear back in two days.  Do you think he's approved? Are they just leading him on?


His Fico scores are ok 680-690 and he makes 65k the only issue I can see is he has a short credit history because we were stationed in Germany together and neither of us have had credit cards for that long (his oldest is 2 yrs old and average age is 10 months) but I was approved for the Freedom with slightly lower credit scores. It just seems strange.

I think people in the active military should be given some consideration, especially when it comes to address verification, considering they are fighting for us. 

it's a tough decision to make.

if address verification becomes lax just for people in active military, there's a good chance they will be targetted more by identity thieves.

the damage that can be done to the bank and the client is so much more because it can take months or even years for them to find out.


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