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Chopping block for 2013

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

I have entirely too many cards. I too have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of them and it gets confusing still. Plus I hate having to "find" something to charge on them just to keep them active and then have to remember to add that amount to my spreadsheet to pay.


  1.  Amazon - Actually axed this one the day before yesterday as they shot down my request for a CLI for the second time. Got tired and said forget it.
  2.  AE - $300 credit limit. I spend on it and pay on time but haven't seen any movement CL wise in awhile.
  3.  Abercrombie and Fitch - Shame on me for opening it anyway.
  4.  Dillards - Only opened this one in hopes for the Amex version. They shipped something expensive and didn't require a signature so it got stolen. I'll never shop with them again. Plus, I don't have one in MD to go to in person.
  5. Zales
  6. Shop NBC - They did the same thing as Dillard's. Don't feel comfortable shopping with them anymore. Don't see a need for the card.
  7. Barclays - If I can't get them to at least $2k - $2.5k they have to go too.

I'll be working to grow anything that remains to higher limits. Right now NFCU is my highest at $7k.

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

Same here

QAMngrGirl wrote:

Orchard goes if the CapOne change doesn't benefit me.



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Re: Chopping block for 2013

If anything, Dell.  They're at 29.99% APR (though they do have some 0% up to 12 months financing).  I don't really have the use for a Dell and my spending power has improved to the point where I can just toss it on a Visa and PIF.  That said, there's no AF on it.    

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

Keep it coming everybody!



@Mods can we make this a poll where people can choose multipul times or vote more then once??

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

My AMEX ZYNC (NPSL) if my BCE is approved by the end of January.


Membership Rewards Express is nearly worthless compared to my Chase Amazon/Freedom nor does it offer 0% forex fees like my Capital One so I have no reason to keep it other than keeping a good history with AMEX. So once I get my BCE, the Zync will have fulfilled its purpose and I will be cashing my MRE on Amazon (and the other giftcards are pretty worthelss too heh).


I might close out my Wells Fargo Secured card, but we'll have to see the limit that Wells Fargo gives me when it unsecures this April. It's currently at $500, which is pretty sad.

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

I got rid of my crap cards last year but may look at cancelling Home Depot and USAA Platinum Mastercard (low limit).  Freedom is still my lowest limit at $3k but with the 5% categories its worth keeping.  I'm keeping DCU open strictly for utilization. 

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

i'm probably chopping the paypal extras around August and the Zync in April when the AF is about to come up. that'll bring me down to 5 real cards+1 store card that i feel have something decent to offer. Don't really want to try to manage 10+ cards.  I will probably come back to AMEX in 2014.

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

i just axed Macys Old Navy and Victorias Secret

Going to axe Wells Fargo...this card has been secured for 2 years increase in 5 years

Bank of America.....No increase in 4 years plus terrible annual fee they refuse to remove 

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Re: Chopping block for 2013

I may get rid of my Amex PRG.  The annual fee is pretty high for this card.  I do get some benefits, but I don't know if I get enough.  I wanted to get rid of my Kroger 123 rewards, which is a terrible card, but I decided to use that as a balance transfer card.  I'm going to keep it open because it is one of my oldest accounts.  If the account was newer, it would be gone.

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Amazon: Citi Forward, Cash +
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Bill Pay: Chase Ink Plus, Citi Forward,
Everyday spending: Bofa Accelerated cash rewards amex, Discover Escape
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Re: Chopping block for 2013

Update from my original post, axed Orchard (opened 2/12, @ $300 no CLI, no nothing!). Too long to wait for "possible" Cap One PC? Nah, not worth the AF. They were only willing to reduce the AF 59.00->29.00. *poof* gone!

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