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Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

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Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

Hot on the heels of my (requested) US Bank secured graduation,   I got a letter from Citi informing me of my early graduation!


DPs:  Apped 9/6/2018, Approved (long story; account verification issues) 10/16/2018.  Expected graduation: 4/2020.   Letter for graduating is dated 8/14/2019

10 months since my account opening.   They say give them 75 days to get me my new card, if it takes that long, then I guess 'graduation' would be closer to a year.   I'll edit this post when I get the check to share how long it took.

My spend was variable.  I only really used it heavy in February on a trip when I was worried about overspending on my Disco.   Most of the time it just got a couple of monthly bills on it, and PIFed each month.

My EQ BC8 score has been pretty stable (670-690, currently 673) for 2019 and I honestly didn't expect early graduation (if any) until Sept or October, closer to the anniversary, and after Citi had pulled my clean EQ.

I did open a citi savings account in early August, and I don't know if that matters.  This early grad is in line with others, though, so I doubt it, but you knever know.

It tells me I will receive a Citi Diamond Preferred, and I'm currently debating PCing it to the DC (I'm not sure I want to go for the DC at this time).


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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

congrats on your citi graduation  ,,, my data points are close,,,, my new diamond preferred cards just arrived today ....took just about two months from the date on the letter for the blue card to change to black on my app (unsecured at that point) two weeks later the check then a week after the cards,,,, cant PC until the 13th month as citi has a rule the product has to be open for 12 full billing cycles you can start requesting cli after your card turns black,,, mine is sitting at 7500 from 200 no complaints,,, nice to be on with one of the big boys on the block enjoy the card...

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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

Thank you for sharing your experience @heavylifter - All of that information is good to know!

I did see that my citi card is still the blue in the app/website, I wasn't entirely surprised after hearing about others that had "early" graduations but still had to wait a bit for the card.    Terms said 4.2020, so it's a huge win even if I wait a couple more months.

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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)




Just a big

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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

Congrats! I’m hoping for something similar but I’m only about three months in.

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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

Congrats Calyx! It was a good day for you.

I opened my Citi secured in December 2018 with a graduation date of 6/3/20. Hopefully I graduate will a similar time frame as you!

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Re: Citi Secured Early graduation! (10mos)

Congrats on the early Citi graduation OP + your recent USB graduation as well. Glad to hear your credit journey has had great successes 👍😊
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