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Comenity/Express SP insanity

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Comenity/Express SP insanity

What in the world is going on? I had an account with them from May 2012 to Feb of 2019 when I closed it after they balance chased me down to $150. I can't figure out why in the world they're SPing me this frequently. 


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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity why?

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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity

lol right?! I have zero interest in ever opening a card with them again, so this is all very odd.

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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity

They regret the way they treated you and now they're constantly refreshing your credit profile like someone stalking an ex on Facebook, sighing and thinking of what might have been.

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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity

Jealousy Smiley Happy

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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity

Too bad "B" does not exist any more!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Comenity/Express SP insanity

costing them a bunch of money for nothing, figures....
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