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Credit Card Application


Credit Card Application

When I joined my EQ credit score was 705 then a month later after paying a negative item off , the EQ score went to 720.  Then last month I took a loan out to buy a motorcycle, and the EQ score 770.  The main reason it was so low was the lack of credit cards and loans, I have a 20 year good pay history.   I'd like to apply for a credit card to continue to increase the amount of available credit right now I have 1 credit card with a $1300 limit.  The question is should I wait a month or two to allow it to stabilize(for lack of a better term) or does it matter?  The goal is to get a mortgage in 6 months or so.  Any feed would help.

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Re: Credit Card Application

Welcome! Moved it over here since it is about applying for a CC.


I wouldn't suggest applying for any credit before the mortgage. Wait until you close or delay the mortgage by another 6-12 months and apply for the CC now.

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