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Credit card options

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Credit card options

I am wanting to get another card to aid in my credit rebuilding process.

AAoA is 1 year 10 months

I have a cap secured card since February 13

also a couple student loans always paid on time


I have two baddies from June of 2011 a medical collection(300) and one is a utility bill(100), both are paid

 credit karma score is 655(fako)

 equifax 686(fico from here)


3 inq two in feb and one last month.


I am wondering what cards I could get approved for? I would really like to get a unsecured card with out an AF i would that be possible with my stats?


thanks for your time

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Re: Credit card options

Do you know your TU score? Or if your TU file is the same as EQ? GE backed cards, Cap1 Unsecured(Maybe) and some Barclays cards spring to mind. GE likely being to easiest.

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Re: Credit card options

Your secured card is still pretty new, so I would advise waiting a few more months. Your AAoA will be stronger and the inqueries will have aged.  If you feel you must app right now, you can try for the Discover IT.

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Re: Credit card options

I would also suggest waiting a few more months. Rebuilding is going to take time, and lowering your AAoA with new accounts and putting unnecessary inquiries onto your reports will not improve your score. You need to be very deliberate with how you work through the process, so I suggest waiting until your secured card hits 8 months, and then applying for a maximum of 2 unsecured cards. If they are both denied, so be it, wait a few more months. If you are able to get one, or best case scenario two, fantastic! Hold onto those for another 6 months to a year before adding anything else. This whole process will reduce the hit to your AAoA until your baddies age a little more.

Good luck, and see you in the Garden!

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Re: Credit card options

+1 to SnackTrader. G8 advice follow it to prime card land.

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