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Curve card closing

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Curve card closing

Received below email from Curve credit card. 

Edit: Dates details. 

In our earlier communication we mentioned some changes to the Curve Beta Program. We are writing to inform you that your cardholder agreement with Hatch Bank will be terminating on July 8, 2024.


What does this mean to me?

As we make this transition, we will be terminating your Curve Credit Card account with Hatch Bank, our Sponsor bank, effective July 8, 2024.


Effective June 7, 2024, your credit limit will be reduced to $100. We will continue to honor transactions made within your approved credit limit for the next 30 days. Any purchase transactions made after July 8, 2024 will be declined.

Original notification:


We’re closing our Beta program in the US


Since launching our Curve Card Beta from our DUMBO office, we’ve come a long way. The customer engagement and feedback we received has been instrumental in improving Curve, and we are deeply grateful. We have been quietly working in the background to incorporate your insights and make continuous improvements. As part of these changes, we need to pause the Curve Beta program currently offered in the US due to the termination of your Curve Credit Card account with Hatch Bank, our sponsor bank, while we integrate with a new sponsor bank.

For the past two years, we have been working on delivering an innovative product experience for our US customers. An experience loved by over five million customers worldwide, perfect for the US market where customers have many cards.

The Curve Card brings all your cards together into One Card to Rule them All™, supercharging your wallet with superpowers. It even acts like a tiny time machine in your pocket, allowing you to Go Back in Time®, stack rewards, use Smart Rules to always pay with the right card, and eliminate hidden FX fees with Killer FX. Curve is a no-brainer. The ultimate wallet, with a card.

We will be back soon with a brand new Curve Wallet and Curve Card offering, with even better benefits and building on our huge success to date with millions of customers worldwide.

What’s next?

You will shortly receive communication from Hatch Bank about the termination of the existing card program with key dates and other important information related to the closure of your Curve Card. Don’t worry, we don’t plan to be gone for long! We know it is not the best news. But we don’t feel the current product that we offer in the US market meets our standards. This temporary pause is required to allow our teams to deliver US customers the product millions across the pond enjoy using every day.

Until then, stay tuned for further updates from us by joining our waitlist. As an early adopter of Curve you’ve been instrumental to our learnings during the Beta phase and we will ensure you are notified first once the new Curve Wallet and the Curve Card are ready with our new bank partner. We promise extra goodies as a big thank you from us at Curve.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we make these improvements. Our goal is to return with a service that exceeds your expectations and offers even more value to our customers and the ecosystem as a whole.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team via the Curve app or email at

Thank you for all your support and feedback to date and for being an early adopter of Curve. See y’all soon!


Curve Team


The Curve Card is powered by Hatch Bank. Curve is not yet available in Maryland or West Virginia. Credit restrictions apply.

214 W 29th Street, NY, NY, 10001

© 2024 Curve


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Re: Curve credit card closing

Interesting.  I don't remember seeing other issuers reducing the CL prior to closure.  Maybe some stakeholder wanted this to minimise large defaults.

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Re: Curve card closing

Here is a review of the UK version, which I suspect isn't as good as the now closed US version


What is a curve card and how does it work - MSE (


You could link more than two cards for free, right?

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Re: Curve card closing

They had me at DUMBO office 

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Re: Curve card closing

I believe in the US it ended up only working on Mastercards and only on certain cards as most issuers got smart about how it worked and basically made it not work.

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Re: Curve card closing

I got a notice today that mine was being closed immediatly due to inactivity. The card didn't really work the way I hoped so I stopped using it.

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Re: Curve card closing

@Remedios wrote:

They had me at DUMBO office 

DUMBO = "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass"; a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

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I categorically refuse to do AZEO!

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Re: Curve card closing

@swankytiger wrote:

I believe in the US it ended up only working on Mastercards and only on certain cards as most issuers got smart about how it worked and basically made it not work.

This is pretty much it, though Discover also worked. The most notable case of them changing rewards was with the people who would move all of their recent dining charges to Bilt on rent day (1st of the month) so that they would earn 6X - Bilt changed this such that any charge through Curve earned no rewards.


Other uses did work, however - up until recently I could move charges to other cards if I went over the $500 Custom Cash cap, or if a charge didn't code as I hoped it would.


Curve was great - for a while. I have a bunch of Mastercards and put a lot of my spend on Citi cards, plus Curve worked well with P2's Savor. I'm disappointed in that they feel the need to completely close out accounts when they have plans to launch again. But it is what it is, I knew there was a risk of it ending when I applied for the card. It was nice while it lasted.

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Re: Curve card closing

Curve has been driving me crazy in 2024. I've spent most of the year unable to use my card at all...


First, someone in Britain stole my account and made a fraudulent charge. Curve kept asking me to contact the vendor... dude. They made a charge in British pounds. It's a super generic named vendor. YOU have that info, not me.


Because of this, they decided to replace my card... and then for some reason took two months to do so. Of course during this time my account was locked etc., and in fact seemed to be malfunctioning in some way. They kept saying they'd tell me when they had an update... then with no warning two different cards arrived back to back (no "hey we fixed it, cards on the way" from them, despite constantly telling me they'd give me any updates).


I had the new card(s) for a whole two days (and locked them until I had a chance to redo all my card links etc since I'd had to work around that for months for payments), when I stopped being able to get into my account at all. Trying to sign in started sending me to the wait-list to sign up, rather than to my account. Which I had locked, so couldn't even unlock and use the card I finally now had. (Of course I suspect that something about them issuing me two diff cards messed up the account somehow).


This had been another almost 2 months. I check in with them via email every other week, and they say sorry, no updates will let you know, we're working on it.


Got the "cards are closing" email. I said hey, I haven't been able to get into my account to spend my beta cash rewards, they say sorry, no cash value, here's the terms per closing. 🙄🤷‍♀️ And just reiterated everything with no "oh gee, let's see what we can do to help you close things out since you've been locked out due to our screwups for 4 months".


At least I finally got a mail saying that they removed the fraudulent charge in my favor 🙄.


Honestly, I'm partly relieved they're closing since I won't feel like I should keep banging my head against the wall here. Their CS has been a hot mess from day one (getting a middle initial on a card took 4 tries).


The Go-Back-In-Time feature was amazing on P2's card, however, and will be the main thing I will miss.

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