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Discover Card Question

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Discover Card Question


Does discover resport authorized users to the CRA? I am working on my credit

and have a relative who has a $1200 credit line with discover that will put me on as a AU.

I do have one trade account from JCP from 1996 still active with never a late payment. 

I just wanted to know if it would help my scoring out if I added it. Any feedback would be great


Also I signed up for Amex prepaid even though it does not report to the CRA

I was told that by getting a prepaid it is creating a relationship with Amex and since

they will have my SSN on file and if they see I spend alot they might let me in for a unsecured

once my fico score is within range.

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Re: Discover Card Question

Yes. Discover reports AU's.


My mom is an AU on my account and it shows up on her CRs.

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