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Discover Secured Graduation?

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation


Starting score - May 2018

April 2021

AAoA - 1 year 6 months
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation! And thank you for sharing your data points. 

Last HP 09-14-2020

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation

Congratulations! Just a little while longer for mine to hopefully graduate.

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation

Congrats!! Keep up the good work. 

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation

Now that is some cool news. Congrats on your graduation and welcome to the forums!

NFCU More Rewards 24K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
NFCU Cash Rewards 4K CL
Discover IT 1.5K CL
Cap1 Quicksilver 600 CL
NFCU auto loan
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation

Congratulations on your CLI and graduation 🎓!
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

My Discover secured card graduated tonight, so here are my data points:


I  signed up for a card with a $500 deposit in September 2020 because my scores had fallen around 30 points when Comenity canceled two of my cards last spring, leaving me with just my Cap1 card with a $12.5k limit. 


With Discover my TU score went from 620 in September, when I applied for the card, to 652 today, which is 5 points higher than my TU score before the Comenity debacle. I wanted to leave a data point about balances, because I know people have been told that they should let a balance report at least once. I had a $500 limit and I never let a balance report once. I paid my balances as soon as they posted online. 


I did go over half of my limit one month when I was chasing rewards, and my TU score went down 10 points for that month. 


My 7th statement closed two days ago and tonight, I saw that my limit has gone from $500 to $1800. I checked my email and although I don't have the "your card unsecured" email yet, I *did* have an email advising me that I could get my $500 deposit back sooner if I authorized it right away, which I did. 


Thanks to everyone for the help. 


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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

I received my card in September 2020, and my 7th statement cut on Friday the 23rd. So it was a looooong weekend. I'm hoping to hear something before this week is up. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Didn't see a soft pull from discover on my credit report. Currently sitting at 625 Experian, and 612 TU. 

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

Currently twiddling my thumbs and unncessarily checking Discover daily for any change or update. Due date is the 28th, statements always close on the 2nd. Why I keep logging in like a ninny as if anything will happen prior to statement close idk. Smiley Embarassed Fingers crossed for myself as well as those of you waiting. Good luck! Heart

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

Good luck @Penelope91 and @SatanFlower69 , I hope that your cards unsecure and you get a nice CLI along with it. I know how the anticipation can build as you near graduation. You might notice your credit limit change, before you get the email letting you know the deposit is being returned. 


Oh and don't forget you can change to the 5% rotating categories at any time. I'm racking up much more for my year of cash back match now that I switched to the rotating categories. (edit: I see at least one of you already has!)

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