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Discover acceptance

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Discover acceptance

I realize I can call Discover and inquire but wanted to see if anyone here knows off the top of their head if Discover has acceptance in Europe... Mainly Spain. Was thinking of going to Ibiza maybe next spring
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Re: Discover acceptance

Best not to rely on a Discover overseas. You have QS1, I would use that as the primary card.

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Re: Discover acceptance

I'd probably say you'll be able to use it wherever there's Diner's Club acceptance. Probably isn't that large. Discover's own page shows it as being moderate as well. So I wouldn't expect much outside of possibly a nice dinner or hotel, maybe?
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Re: Discover acceptance

Thanks for that link. I didn’t see that before, maybe because I use the app more than the website. Will look into it
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Re: Discover acceptance

A few years ago I went to London. Naturally, most people I spoke to in shops and restaurants were British or from somewhere else in Europe. I did run into one person working at a gym, who was American.


That's about how likely you are to run into a place that takes Discover. 



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