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Discover approved or not????

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Discover approved or not????

      I just closed on a house this week and am ready to begin gardening for a year or two.  I only have two small Captial one CC with $300 limits, so I know I need some bigger limit cards.  My scores are 645-660.  I applied for capital one and recieved a $1000 card.


       I then applied to Discover and got the prompt that my approval status was being reviewed but was also prompted to set up an online acct.  I went thru the steps and again received a noticed that my "approval status' was being reviewed and I would be notified.


       I assume this is a denial, but why go thur setting up an online acct and all the extra BS?

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Re: Discover approved or not????

You were approved...thats why they set you up an account.

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Re: Discover approved or not????

Exact same thing happened when I applied for my Discover Escape... I immediatly called in to see if then needed anything and they transferred me to a credit analyst. There she approved me on the spot for $1500. My score was similar to yours at that time.

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Re: Discover approved or not????

     Excellent!!!!   I knew you guys would be right on it!!!


       That will be a good one for the garden!!!

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Re: Discover approved or not????

     One more question, or two,  will they send me an email or just send things snail mail??


      Also, how do their limits usually start, like is 1K the bottom or less?

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