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FNBO CLD ****Master Thread****

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@lgtwriter wrote:

@difringe I wouldn't assume that the credit line decreases are "in the small minority". There is no data to support that. It is just as likely that the credit line increases we read about are in the small minority. I hope no one loses their FNBO credit line that truly needs and wants it.


What concerned me about my massive credit line decrease was that I had absolutely no risk factors.

1. I have 2% utilization or under and only have that because I can't keep track of closing dates on my cards sometimes so a balance reports now and then.

2. I never use more than 10% of my available credit on any card and pay them all off each month. 

3. I am single, live in a low-cost-of-living state, and make over 200k (not counting my yearly stock grants)

4. My fico is 791 to 795 on all three bureaus


I concluded that my card was closed for non-use as stated earlier in the thread. But why not give me a warning or cut the limit slowly? to go from 15k to 500 dollars just makes me never want to deal with FNBO again, and now that they did that with the Getaway card, I have stopped using the Evergreen card as a daily driver. I don't mind being bribed with incentives to use a particular card, but I will not allow myself to be blackmailed by a bank to use their card.  "Use it or lose it" is fine. I just make sure I don't keep large balances on any card so that if I "lose it" I won't suffer a decreased fico score.  YMMV.

i said "ostensibly" bc otherwise i'd expect to be hearing much more than even what i've seen on wallethub. i should check reply was more in response to the "nonsensical" part of the post to which i replied. clearly to fnbo it's not nonsensical, it's how they do business


i'm 100% on your side here btw, if you see my earlier post, i stated they're too skittish and i don't want to do business with them again. there are ways you do things and ways you don't do things and imo what they're doing is being done very sloppily and at the expense of ppl who (as you note) may have really needed that credit, especially in the current state. 



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FNBO close 3 of my cards over a few months time. Sole stated reason for each closure was inquiries.

'I year later I received a snail mail invite for the 1% rewards card.

instantly approved. 🤷

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I'll find out soon how heavy use affects fnbo cards especially when new.  Should have the evergreen card in the mail any day now and plan to get some deck and fence work done at home. 

my friend is a contractor and said using my card for all of it is no issue (at least with him) 

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I just now seen this thread. The same thing happened to me last month. I have had the card for about a year . Was at 15,000CL . Got the alert from EX and CL had dropped to 900.00  with a balance of 841.00 left with a 93% usage. I was really P?????? off. no reason I could see. Payed off card in full every other month. Nothing new on my report that would have justified this. I lost 20 points over this. I payed the card off and I am hoping that my CB report will update tomorrow. I am out of state so I have not read the letter they sent and never bothered calling in.

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@jodo1132 FNBO reported my decreased credit line immediately even though it was mid-cycle. The account is still reporting as open (with the new $500 credit line) even though I closed it immediately. They also reported that I used to have a $15,000 limit in the comments. I am not a paranoid type, but it seems like they were overly vindictive in their response to me barely using the card for the year I had it. I disputed the open status of the credit line and hope that will force them to report the account as closed by consumer. 


I will close my other FNBO card, the Evergreen card this week after my payment shows as cleared.

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Just got my evergreen card in the mail this morning. I'm planning on using the 0% offer but I'm thinking if I use too much of it I may spook them and they start cutting the line etc 

seems like a lot have been cut from fbno 


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Beware of FNBO

I had my FNBO for a few years now with a $14,000 limit (starting limit).  I used the card a few times and always pif. Last Thursday I used the card to pay $1,500 on my Disney cruise and received an alert from Credit Karma that the account was closed on the same day. I am awaiting the letter they state is coming. The representative was rude and said " there is nothing I can do or say".  

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Re: Beware of FNBO

That's very strange and unfortunate. Hopefully you get some answers on that. There are lots of people who have FNBO and are very happy with them. 


Keep us updated once you get a letter/reason! 

Good luck! 

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Re: Beware of FNBO

I hope this doesnt continue, I have several cards with them and have never had a problem though I have never been near the limit on either one. if it doesnt stop they are going to be relegated to the status that Comenity and Synchrony have on these boards.

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Re: Beware of FNBO

@gdale6 wrote:

I hope this doesnt continue, I have several cards with them and have never had a problem though I have never been near the limit on either one. if it doesnt stop they are going to be relegated to the status that Comenity and Synchrony have on these boards.

Both my daughter & I have FNBO cards.

Both have good CL's for our income/spend.

Neither gets much spend due to higher rewards cards in hand.

We are both not changing our spend because of recent post.

Two test subjects, ultra, ultra low spend with nice limits.

My card gets ($5 to $30 every 3 months) -- 20,000 CL

Her card ($10 every 4 months)  -- 10,000 CL

Pay off before statement, Zero on every statement for a long time.


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