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First Discover CLI?

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First Discover CLI?

I got approved for 2600 on December 2, when is the first time I can get a CLI?  I haven't been able to find a defined rules like the AMEX 61-day rule. Any advance is appreciated!

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Re: First Discover CLI?

Many say to at least give new account 90 days to see if they give auto luv and id imagine after that ymmv as it could be every 30 days or 60 or even 90. Good thing is they are sp so really nothing to lose hitting it once your ready. Best of luck.Smiley Happy
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Re: First Discover CLI?

Answer 1:  If you receive an auto-CLI, usually somewhere between 60-90 days, hit the button immediately online to obtain another usually instant CLI.  These can come at different times, but usually between 60-90 days is when they happen if they are going to happen.  For me, it was Day 77.


Answer 2:  If you don't receive an auto-CLI by Day 90, I suggest on Day 91 requesting your first CLI.  Have people requested one sooner and received it?  Sure.  I just think it's best to ride out the most common range of time where auto-CLIs come first.  Just my opinion.

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Re: First Discover CLI?

Note of reference sometimes the 90 day CLI doesn't make it onto the statement....

Mine just showed up in my account 3-4 days after the statement was avalible online...


But i like BBS's method..

Auto CLI.. Just go right ahead and hit the LUV button 


No Auto Luv.... id wait a day or two after your third statement.. it will appear in your account BEFORE you get your email notification.. they are SLOW sending them out

and just hit the CLI button on your own accord... and dont let the 2 day thing intimidate you...




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Re: First Discover CLI?

Good call on CLIs being visible on your account before receiving email notification.  With Discover I find myself logging into my account multiple times throughout the day starting on the day I request a CLI and get the 2 day message Smiley Happy

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