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Former HSBC Accounts Info FAQ


Re: Former HSBC Accounts Info FAQ

BellaBuckie wrote:

hummm paid my high annual AF for ochard n bbrz i can wait another year with them to see what happends...i hope they will get this all settled soon..they have been great so far as to keeping most old accounts open..TY 4 the info Smiley Happy

I sent email to Cap1 ceo for increase on my Cap1 and Orchard card and I had two diff people called me. I got my increase from Cap1, but Orchard told me they are not doing CL at the moment. I asked for my AF to be waived permanently and he said he will put a rqst and call me back. Just received the call this morning he said AF is gone and he credited the last one. I would try and email them anyway, I bet you can have the fee waived since they're not doing CL anyway.

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Re: Former HSBC Accounts Info FAQ

Thank-you ..i guess a call won't hurt.....will do that on tues..after the weekend

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