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GEMB question

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GEMB question

SO I have a lot of GEMB CC. Amazon, Paypal credit, PC Richards, A jewlery store, Walmart, maybe a few others. None of them will give me credit line increases except for Walmart (which gave me 2). The reasons Im getting is a recent collection account (4 years ago), credit cards too close to the limit (all of my credit cards are paid in full) and my accounts where too recenlty opened (all of them will be atleast year next month, some more). My question is, why does Walmart give me increases but not the other?

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Re: GEMB question

They want to sell you more stuff.

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Re: GEMB question

Welcome to the world of GE and their great automated computer system... they have little requirements for approves to open and then they seem to actual look at credit for CLI.

UTIL is a big factor.

not sure what your issue would be with no debt!

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Re: GEMB question

I have the paypal and amazon.  I never asked for  CLI on the paypal, but I seem to be getting one periodically. I keep asking for  CLI on amazon, but I keep getting denied. I do this quite often. I then cooled off on the CLI request, asked for one on the amazon account two months later and was approved with a measly 225 CLI. 

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Re: GEMB question

I don't get GEMB at all. They gave me one CLI on my PayPal MC about 6 months after I got the card (maybe 5?).


Then last month I finally saw the "Request an increase" option on my account after having the card for a year. I figured let me try it. Got instantly denied. Received a letter stating reason for denial was due to "Insufficient experience at your current credit limit".  Not true. My CL is 3K and in the past, I've used the card quite a bit.  


The irony of this is they approved me with two baddies on my TU report. Now that it's clean, with util. between 3-7%, they're denying.


I wanted to close the card anyway as I really have no use for it. This just gave me more incentive to do so.

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