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Getting Amex w/Credit Freeze

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Getting Amex w/Credit Freeze

I already have 2 Amex and am thinking about getting a BCE in Jan. I just put a freeze on all 3 of my CRA. I know that if you already have an Amex and aren't approved, it's a SP. But if you are, they change the SP to a HP (or add the HP).


So, I'm wondering what you guys have done who have security freezes and add a new Amex. Since they are softing me, could I be approved w/o a HP? I'm NOT trying to get out of a HP. I just know that I have to time everything right and haven't done an app since putting on the Freeze.
 Would they approve me based on the SP and then reject it if they can't put on a HP? Or would it just automatically be declined (in which case, it's only a SP, anyway).


I'm probably making this more confusing than it has to be. But I'd really like to know what others have done who have freezes and app for an additional Amex.


Thanks! Smiley Happy


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Re: Getting Amex w/Credit Freeze

My last AMEX application was after I had placed a credit freeze on my EX credit file. I had to call AMEX and give them the security code to unlock the file. I would assume you will have to do the same.

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