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Hate towards Discover and Cap1

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Re: Hate towards Discover and Cap1

While neither are my favorite lender, they are by no means my worst either. My discover started off as a $2k student card years ago and has grown quite nicely. I have never had any issues with customer service, but I don't call them much. I like their 5% categories and that is about all I use it for. 

Cap One treated me well so I have no ill will toward them. My only "gripe" is that a CLI was hard to come by, but I was given a 30k starting limit and didn't use it a bunch so I can see where they are coming from.

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Re: Hate towards Discover and Cap1

Though I champion AMEX in my own personal opinion the way they've treated, I have nothing but love for both Discover and Cap1 Smiley Happy

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