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Help Getting CC To Report


Help Getting CC To Report

I  recently got a Kays Jeweler and Jared Jeweler CC (3000 CL each). They both have reported to EX FAKO, but only Jared is reporting to TU.  How do I get Kays to report to TU and both Jared and Kays to report to EQ?


I did make a small purchase from Jared at appl., and made a small purchase with Kay yesterday, hoping it would cause an update to the CRA so both accounts will show on all three CRA.


I got both cards at the beginning of April 2009.

Crawling At A Snails Pace . . .
*9/01/08 FICO; EQ:524 TU:532 FAKO;EX:536
*12/07/08 FICO; EQ:548 TU: 562 FAKO;EX:565
**03/10/09 FICO;EQ: 624 TU:563 FAKO;EX:585
**09/21/10 FICO;EQ:661 TU:679EX:663(FAKO)

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