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Help with lowering Citi APR

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Help with lowering Citi APR

I've made a committment to agressively pay down my debt in hopes to buy a condo/home next year.  A big hindering factor that I'm sure we're all facing is the jacked up APRs the banks have given us.  I currently have a balance of $5500 on my Citicard (CL $13.5K), but the APR was jacked up to 17.99, the worst APR out of all of my cards.  When they raised it in January, I called to see if they could lower it b/c I've had the card for 6 years, never missed a payment on any of my cards, paid more than the minimum and have a score over 700.  They said no, they couldn't.  I'm afraid to call and ask again only because I've read all of the horror stories of CL decreases that soon follow, especially since Chase cut my CL by almost half.


Any recommendations on how to get the APR lowered on this card so I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere?

Starting Score: 703
Current Score: 7/8/10: TU - 738 EQ - 750
Previous Score: 1/22/10: TU - 703 EQ - 714
Goal Score: 750

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