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Hidden PC targets

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Re: Hidden PC targets

@MrDisco99 wrote:

@kdm31091 wrote:
To me the only problem is that eventually the products will go away altogether. You can plan for PCs to a point but if a card is no longer available for apps it’s probably not going to be around that long for PCs.

I don't know... the ones I mentioned have been hidden for how many years now?

Right.   The Dividend still surprises me as it requires work by Citi, selecting the rotating categories and informing users.   I get quite a lot of email on this card.   Seems that they would force convert to either a DC or something like Rewards+.   After all, they did get rid of Forward in the end (after nerfing it first)

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Re: Hidden PC targets

@wasCB14 wrote:
What Amex AF card PCs to Blue?

As far as applications, ED/P are a little more complicated and EDP does have an AF...but I dont think ED has any downside when compared to Blue. AFAIK, an unmanaged ED is better than a perfectly managed Blue.

BBP is of course quite a different card and offers a lot more than the personal Blue.

ED and EDP could be product changed to Blue.  I'm assuming @Obscure-Expert may have mentioned it since there was a news blurb a while back about it being discontinued (yet Amex is still accepting new applicants) and the theme of the thread seemed to be $0 annual fee product change options that are not advertised anywhere, notably things like Chase Sapphire and Citi Dividend.  I still hold onto mine (with a self-nerfed $500 limit) just for card age (opened over 17 years ago), nostalgia, and because ED/EDP (my only PC options) do not fit into my current rewards strategy.  No compelling reason to change it, and I would agree that a Blue is certainly less useful than an EveryDay.

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