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How Do Auto-CLIs Happen?

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Re: How Do Auto-CLIs Happen?

daybreakgonesXe wrote:

Discover seems to like people carrying and paying down balances, at least they like it when my boyfriend does it!!! Hasn't had the card for a year (opened May 2012) and they've bumped him twice from $1250 to $1500 to most recently $1900! High balance was around $900+ now down to mid $700s...go brother has an account as well and they haven't done anything for him, polar opposite of boyfriend, makes small purchases then PIF, has had account since June 2012, still at $5000


Then again, I could be comparing apples to received preselected mailing for Open Road Student (?) (Discover account does not list it as a Student Open Road, however), while boyfriend applied for the More, was denied, but offered the $1250 card instead, not sure what kind of rewards, if any, it has, or what card it actually is.

I looked at your signature and actually laughed at that Shell card down there.  I was like, really $800?  I understand that Orchard one, but Shell and $800?  The other limits you have and then Shell! 


I hope Discover is nice to me!  I don't want a Capone situation happening!  (I doubt it will.)  His student account might be classified differently for a set period of time or a maximum limit until he turns a certain age or something.  Besides, as you say he only uses it a little so his limit is more than fine for him.  I don't plan on using my Discover much at first, because there were no sign up bonus points, instead I will abuse that Chase card to grab those bonuses as fast as I can and then sock drawer it until they raise the limit so that I can get rid of those bad cards at some point in my siggy. 

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Re: How Do Auto-CLIs Happen?

I can speak about my experiences with Discover auto-CLIs (YMMV, obviously!). 


Discover - I've had the Miles card for a little over a year. During the 0%APR promotional when I first opened the account, I carried a balance but was never given an auto-CLI. After the promotional period I started paying in full. Around 8 months after getting the card I asked for a CLI via their "luv button" and received a 2X CLI. About 4 months later I recieved a $1200 auto-CLI. I think I average about $200-$500/mnth and pif. 



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Re: How Do Auto-CLIs Happen?

I've only gotten one auto CLI and that was from BofA, who apparently never does anything like that. I had my first CC with them and it was stuck at a CL of $700 for almost three and a half years. Then, out of the blue, Credit Karma tells me my CL has been increased to $2,200! I was elated, as I had heard from here that BofA only did hard pull CLIs.

The funny thing is that after the CLI I initiated a PC, because I was tired of having to paying the AF. But when the CLI letter came from BofA, it said that they had gotten rid of the AF as well!

Apparently when it rains, it pours when it comes to BofA's generosity lol.
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