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How does PIF weekly affect my chances in getting Auto-CLI?


Re: How does PIF weekly affect my chances in getting Auto-CLI?

I agree with above 

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Re: How does PIF weekly affect my chances in getting Auto-CLI?

Revelate wrote:

Pworld wrote:

But, what if.....


You have a limit from $500-1500 and need to pay a few times a month due to heavy activity?


I do this weekly on my $500 limit chase freedom, which i use the most because of the %5 and 1% opposed to a higer limit discover i have with %5 and .025%. I hope that they see quickly that i need more of a limit and run a lot of consistent activity through it. 

In this case, fully using one's limit and paying it multiple times a month is a good strategy for getting a CLI on the individual card or lender (in this case Chase).  Other lenders may not see that though for their underwriting criteria; however, Chase in this scenario will have upsides in increasing your limit and you have a reasonable request in raising it too with  your heavy utilization.


If this is the card / lender you wish to grow a relationship with, this strategy is nothing but goodness in my opinion... it's a completely different scenario though than using the weekly payment to never let your card go above 10% utilization.  Personally I would still let one of those near max limits report so other lenders can see that at least you're using the $500 CL, and it's a discussion point for higher limits from them on other approvals if you can explain your spending habits during a recon / manual review.


Edit: it's not all about scores Smiley Happy.  Spend is a non-trivial factor in obtaining CL's from many lenders.


Great Reply!! thank you. I am trying to get higher limits at this point, not so much more cards. And even using up the $500 and paying down a few times a month, my util isnt going to skyrocket because i have 2500 of total credit i really never use, and if i do its PIF


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