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Important message regarding proper use of PMs

Moderator Emeritus

Important message regarding proper use of PMs

One of the nice features of the FICO Forums community is the Private Message option, which allows communication among trusted individuals in a confidential and anonymous manner.  However, we are also aware that this feature is being used to recommend tactics that are unethical, borderline illegal, or otherwise prohibited on the FICO Forums.  Such topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Disputing of accurate information
  • Solicitations for business
  • Obtaining goods or services - such as one's credit report - under false pretenses

These topics cannot be discussed on the FICO Forums, and may not be communicated via Private Message either, as this would also represent using the FICO Forums as a vehicle for the promotion of unethical activity.  Basically, if it's something that can't be discussed publicly, then it can't be discussed privately either.


If you receive a Private Message that is concerning to you, please notify a moderator or a site administrator.


Thank you for your understanding.

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