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Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

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Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

This may be a more general financing question, but there are so many great resources here so I thought I’d check to see what y’all have to say.

Are there any cards or banks people recommend for such an IVF?
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Re: Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

Other than care credit, I dont know of any but considering the cost of a single IVF cycle, credit card is probably not the best way to finance it.
Personal loan may suffice if a person qualifies

Depending on where patient lives, it can run up to $20k (with hormonal drugs), so even loan would have to be pretty hefty as multiple cycles may be required.
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Re: Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

@Remedios gave you great advice. I just wanted to add that a lot of clinics have their own in house financing programs as well. You might want to speak to someone in their financial/billing department and see what they say. Sometimes it can save you significant amounts in interest.

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Re: Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

or even 2nd mortgage if possible.

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Re: Infertility (IVF) Treatment Financing

Some states require this to be covered by heath insurance. Are you in a position to move to one? Just a thought.
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