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Just received a $4000 CL

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Just received a $4000 CL

Short story:


Divorced in 2008, filed ch 7 in Nov 2008,


Got capital 1 CC in may in order to rebuild credit. With responsibility saw the CL go from 500 to 1500 currently. Also have a 500 CL Orchard card.


just applied for a Union Plus CC which came pre-approved in the mail, and was accepted for a $4000 CL.


And as of now my credit debt-to-limit percentage (prior to the Union Plus acceptance) was approx 10%.

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Re: Just received a $4000 CL

Major congrats, cin2024!  Absolutely outstanding!!


That higher limit will mean even better offers/limits in the future, and you are the one who made that happen (by keeping your accounts in good order).


Good job.   Smiley Happy

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Re: Just received a $4000 CL

excellent  work  cin2024! and congrat!

Starting Score: 07/30/2007--EQ 575/ TU 560
Current Score: 01/18/2011--EQ 777/TU 765/EXP 763-(pull by CU)
Goal Score for 06/31/2011--EQ 800/TU 800/EXP 800

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Re: Just received a $4000 CL


DCU EQ 5.0, Citi EQ 08 Bankcard, PenFed EX NG2
EX 08: AFCU, Amex, Chase, PSECU EX 98(?)
TU 08: Barclays, Discover
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Re: Just received a $4000 CL

Congrats!!!!!! hopefully i will get a higher  CL soon and out of these $300 starting CL....

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