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Justice Federal Credit Union (JFCU) CLI

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Justice Federal Credit Union (JFCU) CLI

Does anyone know how the CLI process with JFCU works? Do they review accounts for auto CLI's (soft inq), or do they require another look at the credit report (hard inq)? And when should I expect/request an increase? 6mo 1yr.... Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.

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01/04/10 TU 778 EQ 731
08/05/09 TU 762 EQ 722
02/12/09 TU 722 EQ 704 EX 690
EQ sensitive to inqs & student loan.
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Re: Justice Federal Credit Union (JFCU) CLI

I would like to know the answer to this also.  I just got my VISA Gold JFCU card back in February.
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