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Kay Card Need Help

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Kay Card Need Help

I currently have a kay card with $400 limit I am getting ready to propose to my girl and I need advice from you guys.


Acct is new hasn't been open a month I recently put 221 dollars on it, but I paid it off already left 5 dollars so when the stmnt cycles there's activity.


I want to get a CLI, I can buy the ring cash but I want to put at least 900 on the card to build history ect. ect. Should I try to call them up and request one. Or just leave it buy the ring with my own money and request a CLI after 6 months.



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Re: Kay Card Need Help

I wouldnt think they could give a cli so fast but its worth asking.

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Re: Kay Card Need Help

Not sure about the CLI request.  But congrats on the proposal!


I do know that you CAN spend over your limit.  Call them and ask how much over you can spend.


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Re: Kay Card Need Help

You have to go in store to ask for CLI and they call and put you on phone... Chances are since it's just opened, you won't get one, but wouldn't hurt to ask I suppose... also might land yourself another inq. so keep that in mind.

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Re: Kay Card Need Help

I see thanks! I don't want an inquiry Smiley Sad

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Re: Kay Card Need Help

How soon are you looking to get the ring?  Can you put $400 down on the card now, then pay the card off and put another $400 on next month.  The jeweler might even let you take the ring and pay the rest the following month.  Or, if you pay the card off immediately after charging the $400, can you charge another $400 that same month.  I think you can do that. 

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