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Master Capital One CLD Thread

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?


I'm wondering if the reason they lowered your Savor so drastically is because it's a platinum card. I think I remember that you had one of the only Grandfathered Platinum Savor cards. Maybe the CLD amounts are related to which bucket your card is in. I was wondering if maybe my Savor was "only" decreased to $5K because it's a WEMC and you generally need a $5K limit to get a WEMC. Just a thought. 

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

@HeavenOhio wrote:

@CardNut wrote:

I got my first CLD ever. Savor went from $27,500 to $10,000.


Not a big deal if it doesn't happen, but has anyone ever been able to call and restore a CL after a CLD with Cap One?

Now I know how the rest of you who had CLDs feel.

@CardNut, could you describe the amount and nature of usage on that card? Previous CLDs of this type were generally triggered by an average of $100 per month or less in spending over a period of about a year.

That explains me exactly. Just got a CLD on a C1 Plat this morning going from $6K CL to $1500 SL.  Smiley Indifferent

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

They got me too just this morning 


Not at bad as some, but it still stings. $6K to $1500, $4500 drop/cut. Smiley Indifferent

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

@blindambition wrote:

Are you all seeing CLD after statement close? My statement closes tomorrow. Got my Saver One in January with 8k. Have put about 3k on it, and sits at $800 with 0% promo.

Seems that way. My statment closed 8/17 and I got the lovely notice this morning Smiley Sad

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

@Duke_Nukem wrote:

For those of you getting the cuts, do you have any other accounts with CapOne?  Such as checking/savings, auto loan, etc.?

I do...all of the above and a closed always paid on time Auto Loan too.

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

Sorry you got the ax @Wavester64! I guess I'll see soon!

I know it's just a sign of the times. Lenders limiting losses.

I'm happy to further relationships with CU. Less sensitive to the big lenders seesaw approach.

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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

@CardNut wrote:

@Save-n-Invest wrote:


My QS statement cuts on the 4th. My CLD was today, the 20th. No AUs. All my cards are just me. 


Cap1 QS is now my lowest limit card. 


My overall utilization is the same now as it was when QS was approved. If they expected me to spend to the limit I wonder why.


No biggie. 

I don't like mine being at 10K. I would have been much happier if they reduced it to my SL of $17.5K.




Sorry that happened to you. It does seem a little strange that they reduced it below your SL. 10k was my SL now it's 5k. 


When data points were being gathered I forgot about one item. The past few weeks I received email from Cap1 asking for my mobile number. I disregarded. Any bank or business that wants my mobile is free to provide a phone and pay the monthly bill. The one I pay for is mine.  I use landine phones and do not want to be bothered when I am behind the wheel. 


Cap1 plays it fast and lose with personal info. They refused to permit me to opt out of sharing for the items that are permitted unless I waive paper statements.  Kooks!! 


Maybe my nonchalant attitude to the CLD is because recently I've decided that the banks are nuts. I'm prepared to cashflow it if necessary. Begging a bank to let them make money from my spend seems silly now. I may feel differently later on. The most credit worthy customers are given the boot so they have reserves for whom? Their bank, their call.


To date Chase, Citi and Discover are acting normally. Citi's webiste is worse now than ever. I can always call for info but the site was more convenient. I hope Chase and Citi don't go nuts too. We shall see. 


Again, Dave Ramsey's philosophy beginning to make sense to me is a little scary. Smiley Happy



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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

Have any Venture cards been cut below $5K? I wonder if Capital One is sticking to their approval rules. Venture has a $5K minimum, Savor has a $2K minimum, SavorOne/VentureOne have a $1K minimum (with exceptions offered below that at times).

The rep I just spoke to from the back office about overriding a PC on my V1 to make it a QS again just now (which she did go ahead and do), I mentioned the CLD and she was very surprised that I even got it to $8250 to begin with. She said "those don't usually get that high but seeing how you manage your account, which looks like you manage it very well so I am not as surprised you got it there, if you start using it again you will be able to get it back." Kind of funny that she basically admitted that the Platinum cards are bucketed when the front line CSRs know better than to admit that. She said that they are going after any cards that are dormant or low use so it sounds like we can expect a lot more CLDs coming. 

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CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

Just happened today.  I had my $17k limit since 2018 reduced to $5k.

Active with the card at about $600 every month.  
I can see why it was reduced to the $5k.


I did just activate my card as an AU on DWs Capital One WMT card so don't know if that may have been a reaction there.  This limit is only $1k.


Ooh well.


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Re: CLD - Any Luck Restoring Cap 1 CL?

@gorgon wrote:

OMG, while I was reading this thread I saw an email from Cap1 pop up on my phone and my heart stopped lol. It was about their call center being swamped and that I should use the app for faster service...Heart beating again!

If you see an email from Capital One with a picture of scissors, cover your head and run!

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